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If at 1st you don't find resolution, use the 2nd!

End Users of today... If at 1st you don't find resolution, use the 2nd! - that is the message you want to give - cool, sharp, and simple - yet straight to the point. Why complicate things? After all, the end user will know 1st is the first port of call, but failing that, use the 2nd - for a faster seamless resolution. Why wait about? the power is in their hands and this simple message tells them immediately. An image we can use for this would be a speed train - with 2 stops. 1st stop will be representing first port of call and 2nd a faster train if escalation necessary - which gives them full trust that the resolution will be worked on quicker as skill set is higher. Train Line - from 1st to 2nd - 2 stops, their choice - And we are training their brain to use them both what suits them best! Hope this helps. Thank you for the opportunity to help you. Farooq Qadir Storage Consultant. (IT Helpdesk experience since 2001)

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