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What it is like to be a freelancer -Entry 3

Hi, This my Third entry.I could not send quality video due to freelancing procedures(freelancer only allowed up-to 250 MB videos).Original video file size is 1080p,16*9 Topic : 3.What it is like to be a freelancer & the WOMAN / MAN who contributes the majority of our household’s income. Best Regards, Prakash B

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  • chuttifactory
    • 3 måneder siden

    Thank you E.E..
    Subtitle creating work is underway for four more videos.I will definitely give you quality submission.
    Best Regards,
    Prakash B

    • 3 måneder siden
  • DreamStartup
    • 3 måneder siden

    This is a great submission. You are very welcome to submit another if you choose. Very helpful vlog!

    • 3 måneder siden