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May mices help you with the makeup!

"Mices gonna have to help me because I'm not so great with makeup." I completed that wish. Wish you all the very best. - Imon Sarkar

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  • peterkasilo
    • 1 måned siden

    you did great on the color, and the text especially the lower thirds!

    • 1 måned siden
  • isarkaryt
    • 1 måned siden

    Ohh! I thought she said 'mices'. I'm sorry. That's hilarious by the way.

    • 1 måned siden
  • dibawssette
    • 1 måned siden

    the name is "Maysa" not Mices hege .. zoom on cheeks and product when they apply or show it to camera can remove the mices and we should also see when the other two girls are applying it...

    • 1 måned siden