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Logo in different mock ups. Hope you like it.

Please give feedback. Thank you.

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                                     for                                         Develop a Simple and Clean Corporate Identity for Business called: Greentree Photography

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  • GreentreePro
    • 7 år siden

    I like this, very neat and professional. For feedback requested the sample Is missing the tag line, Also the word Greentree Dominates in some samples but works well in White text on Black. Overall a professional look Perhaps increase the size of the tree slightly and reduce camera proportionally. Reduce the work Greenrree, Increase size of word Photography so not so different. Add tagline

    • 7 år siden
    1. asnpaul84
      • 7 år siden

      Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback. I will be on the corrections and suggestions . I will submit the corrected version in a while. Thank you.

      • 7 år siden