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Green & Gold for the Win!

Being an Aussie I know the pride when I see the green and gold on the sporting field so I picked these are your colours. In addition to a complimentary navy from the Australian flag. I have tried to represent all six balls on there. We can fade out the balls as your brief.... OR... rotate the balls so the sport in question ball is highlighted. Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks - Chole @ Image by Paper

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  • cholecutler
    • 5 år siden

    Hey Greff too easy! Please see the revised grey version and feel free to provide as much feedback as you like regarding colours, fonts, balls, layouts. Both positive and negative feedback is ideal as we’d hate to continue doing something you don’t like. Hopefully you think this is totally awesome and you'll pick my design. Fingers crossed!

    • 5 år siden
  • greff1978
    • 5 år siden

    Do you mind just showing me a variation of this with greyscale on all other sports and the netball up the top, as that will be the first sport started. Just to get a full feel for both versions.

    • 5 år siden