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Design of ITB with Long Trumpet and Short trumpet

ENG. KIM JUMA, , - +254713660902. STEPS: Design of ITB Throttle body procedure undertaken •Design of V8 engine block with 4 cylinders on each side. •Design of throttle components, shaftless design,2mm plate layer on v8 engine block, piping components, long threaded trumpet and short thread trumpet. •Assembly of components in two concepts: one with long trumpet and second with short trumpet. •Hide v8 engine to reveal parts. •Render all components. Usability •Parts are designed for ease prototyping with SLA or FDM 3d printing machine. •They can also be cnc machined and casted. Deliverables •Design components in different formats either IGES, STL, STEP, DWG ETC. •Rendered images for viewing. •Drawing orthographic projection for communication, assembly and manufacturing. Certainties •Parts were designed with dimensions of the 60mm diameter, components can be customized. Positive suggestions are welcome for performance and feature changes.

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                                     for                                         Design 60mm throttle body for a ITB setup for V8 engine

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