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2020 The World Turned Upside Down

Hi, I have referenced the Hamilton design but thought the 1968 olympic black power salute may be more representative of the current political movement. If the virus is done all in black it tends to dominate the picture and draw the eye - I have kept it lighter because I think it could maybe also represent a sun and thus hope for the future / a new dawn. Not sure if you can get the metallic background effect in embroidery but obviously it could just be a solid colour. Cheers Steve

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  • SteveWM
    • 2 måneder siden

    Hi, I have three possible solutions if the arm cannot be realised. The first is to use the power fist to replace the man. This was actually one of my first options and I do have a version which already contains it - I do not see a way to edit this entry so I will post it as a new entry. The second option is to use a row of people - I will add an image from one of the demonstrations - this will allow the people to be smaller and ensure all the arms fit in the frame. My final option is to change the silhouette. Nelson Mandela used to do the black power sign with a bent arm - using an image like this would mean the fist would be at the same height as the head and thus be able to fit in the frame. My only concern with this would be if it would translate internationally - as a South African I would recognise it immediately but I am not sure that everybody would. Cheers

    • 2 måneder siden
  • jmaustin
    • 2 måneder siden

    Thank you for your work on this contest. The first version is my leading entry for the 2020 patch. My only concern is whether the upraised arm can be translated into an embroidered patch. I'll ask the manufacturer for their thoughts on that question, but in anticipation of that possibility, could I ask you to think about how that could be addressed from a design standpoint? Thank you!

    • 2 måneder siden
    • 2 måneder siden

    wonderful design :)

    • 2 måneder siden