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✅ Lux Sensa Spa (REVISED)

Hope you like the revised design of your Signage Dear Contest Holder. Please feel free to give me any suggestions to improve my work. Thank you so much for the feedback. Have a nice day!

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                                     for                                         Design an store overhead signage for a Salon and Spa
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  • aldny64
    • 4 måneder siden

    Please check updated comments and see if you can come up with a design similar to what I drafted.

    • 4 måneder siden
    1. edrilordz
      • 4 måneder siden

      Good day Dear CH... Please feel free to PM me if you have any suggestions/ideas for your design... I am willing to make it for you... Thank you so much and have a nice day!

      Hope you like my new entries #115 and #116

      • 4 måneder siden