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Android Device UI Feel

Hey there, I have designed the UI of the app and presented the same in the Nexus Device as a mock-up to give the app feel when it is seen on a phone. With iOS8 and Android Lollypop (v5.0) both bringing flat design to the party, its only better to take your app to that next level as well. Thus, a flat appearance of the UI makes the tasks simple and yet keeps the interface clean to avoid any disturbances. The experience remains the same on Apple and Google (Android), with the only change coming in the application menu structuring, as Google's Polymer uses a side floated menu, as seen on Google's New INBOX application. While Apple tends to keep the markers to the menu in the footer for quick traversal. I have designed the Mobile View of the Application keeping in mind the user-flow over the app. If you like this design, i'll be glad to design the iOS version of the Application, also with the design of the WebApp. Thanks Tanmay Saxena

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