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PBN Creation_ Ad

Hi Please check the entry. Let me know if i need to make any changes.. Thanks

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  • JohnDiLaurie
    • 4 år siden

    Looks good!
    Here are my suggestions:
    Apply the same font settings to the "PBN" part of the "Our PBN Creation/Setup Service will", so that "PBN Creation/Setup Service" stands out, as its the name of the service.
    Also, please make the "PBN Site" part of the package list plural for all packages except for the "1 PBN Site" option. So, please change "5 PBN Site" to "5 PBN Sites" and so on.
    And, maybe try to move the second row of the features list a little more down, so there's not so much white space beneath it.

    • 4 år siden
    1. VVICK
      • 4 år siden

      Hi Thank you for your feedback. I will do the necessary changes based on your feedback...

      • 4 år siden