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Citation IO Landing Page

Done ! Hope this one meets your expectations Preview:

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  • logptech
    • 6 år siden

    Hi Mostafa,

    1 - I attached my last modifications ( )

    2- I will reward you the contest tomorrow.

    3- Right after the contest, I would like you to convert the page into HTML if you accept (Will post a new project on freelancer). Use AngularJS bootstrap if needed (that’s what I am using in my project). Also, in the same project, I would like you to create another login/registration page that is almost identical to the current design. (see attachement ). The HTML code has to be responsive and changes according to screen size.

    Thank you again for the great work.

    • 6 år siden
  • mostafahawary
    • 6 år siden

    I have used only one font. Kindly tell me whether you prefer another font or it`s okay with you ?

    • 6 år siden