Offentlig Præciserings Opslagstavle

  • CDPMontreal
    • 5 år siden

    I like the design..I have a few comments/suggestions.
    1- The word "Academie" needs to precede "Arts Martiaux" and this will alter the balance of the 2 sides around the edge. In so doing can you center the word "Filipino" below the hole in the center?
    2- I would like to see a call to action. Free Trial, 1 week free class with presentation of this coupon. Something like that.
    3 - Is there a way to highlight the fact that it is for kids and adults?
    4 - There are some typos and language faults, that we can change later, but I see Master Chris' experience is only in english we will need to put it in French, perhaps simplify his resume?
    5 - On the back the first 4 things are benefits the remaining things are not (i.e. Camps, Other Events, Party, Women etc), can this be distinguished?
    6 - I wonder about the quality of the picture for printing...are they sufficient pixels or will you need better pictures?
    7 - The phone number is now 514-419-4198 instead of 514-289-xxxx
    Thanks and good work.

    • 5 år siden
    1. alifwood
      • 5 år siden

      OK, Mr. CDPMontreal. Thank you for feedback. I will make revision of it.

      • 5 år siden