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The other version

I made this version in case you don't want to go with a slider at the top. This is more simplistic, get better speed and is in my honest opinion the better of my designs. Same features apply for it though, it is fully responsive, the menu for smaller devices is the same as the other design. I have updated the footer to look better and contain 23 links. If you want I can make changes prior to contest end, or if the contest ends and you pick me as winner I can implement changes in the awarding stage. It is no problem. I can make the versions that display on smaller devices have more features but we would sacrifice speed to get them. As always, your wishes take priority so tell me what you would like and i will implement it right away. I am available to design you whole website and i will offer you a good price for it. Thank you for this opportunity, I look forward to your feedback, Bozidar Siljanoski

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  • BushaF
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    1st slide : 1600px wide, 2nd slide 756px wide, 3d slide 450px wide, 4th slide 1900px wide

    • 5 år siden