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KellyvillePets"PetLovers Special"MonthlyCatalogue

Hi, attached is my entry for Kellyville monthly catalogue. I've read your brief. Allow me to recap it. Client's Brief: to come up with new A4 folded catalogue (new look & feel, new layout). Have to be in line with the website. Art Direction Proposal: I did 2 alternative cover page layout, an inside page, and a back page. Direction is more to clean look, colors are inline with Kellyville Pets website. Kindly see my attachment for the detail. In addition, I am also a pet lover, have one very cute ragdoll cat & 4 big dogs (including husky). So it will be such a pleasure to work on your project in a long time. :) Hope it meets the brief. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you. Regards, A.

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