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Hello Sir, If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. feel free to comment..hope to hear from you!cheers! Regards.

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  • jonnydawson
    • 4 år siden

    Thank you for your entry, I really appreciate the time you've spent to produce this design. Its currently one of my preferred designs, however there are a few things that I would change.. I like the "digitisation" of the Ninja's head, although I'm not keen on including a sword as it suggests violence.. I think the ninja looks quite friendly which is good - i.e. no evil eyes etc. The font used is ok but could be refined slightly to make it more unique and take up less space (width)

    • 4 år siden
    1. imthex
      • 4 år siden

      sorry for late reply sir.. i am on little tour at rajasthan.
      revision done... sward removed & font width less.. some different style also
      with regards

      • 4 år siden