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pHresh Acid | Logo proposal

Hi! Following your proposal i did: - Logo vectorization (Now you can resize the logo as you like) - New lettering, maded by me, so you have a unique letter for your logo) - Two types of lettering - Four types of logo (B&W, Coloured without effect´s (for printing), Coloured with effect´s (coloured and black shadow) - Chose the three colour´s for logo in CMYK format and RGB format for you can using the logo as you like. If you like my proposal, i would be happy to give you. I can help you too on Business card´s, sticker,etc. I can do that without problems. Any question talking to me! Best regard´s, Bruno da Costa | Graphic and Product Designer

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  • Primo675
    • 7 år siden

    I really like both styles of your custom font that you added to the logo. You are the winner, thank you so much. For now just the logos will be great, my bandmate and I are heading to NYC this weekend so we can talk further about stickers and business cards then. Thank You Again.

    • 7 år siden