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I made it simple with a form of frequence wave in the middle . I love how it turned out , the shadows make it a bit more complex and esthetic at the same time. This wave look can represent a sound wave or maybe a vortex , a door to a new world of digital virtualisation. I hope you like it .

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  • pumbro
    • 4 år siden

    Nice logo, thanks for the submission. It's really slick and cool. I haven't seen another one like it yet in the competition. The more I look at the eye the more it captivates. I'm not sure if I love the font or the color but I'd love for you to explore more with the eye. What if you had two of them and irises formed the O's in BOSTON? I really want something to jump out, something that will pop. Keep pushing this further. Thanks again

    • 4 år siden