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Research Group

GANIIX TECHNOLAB is an IT consultancy firm in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). We provide end to end website design, software development, Game Development, iPhone and android application development, search engine optimization and internet marketing services. We have a team of fully committed people to offer various types of business solutions to different companies and clients. Being involved in various Technology over time, our team has gained comprehensive business knowledge and expertise in several fields of Information Technology consulting.With ever changing business needs and snewly coming up technologies, our team works on proven methods and processes to deliver the best possible IT solutions as per the client requirements. We, at GANIIX TECHNOLAB, take extreme care in understanding the smallest business needs and develop best solutions for our clients which suits perfectly to their business needs. The solutions hence developed mix accurately with the client's business and help it grow fa

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  • nkordyjaka
    • 4 år siden

    Thanks for your submission.
    I find this particular font much too cartoony and not corporate or professional enough. The icon looks like a global environmental group type thing, not sure there. We're looking for something a little more corporate and less "stock" looking.
    Thank you for your time and submission. I'd encourage you to submit something else if you'd like to!

    • 4 år siden