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Overlapping coloured panels ...

Inspiration for this crisp, modern logo is taken directly from your brief. My first submission uses red, green and blue overlapping panels to create a triangle. I've suggested a horizontal version replacing the 'V' of 'Trivium' with the logo, creating a stand-alone text element. The main text is set in a dark blue gradient, offering a more sober feel against the vibrant logo. The optional line 'creativity - engineering - business intelligence' is added below the company name. Where stationery is concerned, I suggest keeping things simple and letting the graphics do their work. This elegant, contemporary, vector identity works well on dark and light backgrounds, in black and white, is fully scalable and readable at all sizes. I'm happy to follow advice regarding changes to any aspect of the design. I trust this meets the brief and look forward to receiving feedback. Thank you for your time and consideration. Kind regards, Nicholas Halliday. HallidayBooks (UK).

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  • FeatherLabs
    • 5 år siden

    Hi. This is very well crafted but not in line with what we were hoping. We like your skills but in case you read the brief, we want to focus on the Escher's cube with vertices making T & L. You have made this similar to Verge logo. Can you try to make it closer to the attached cube. It's not a normal cube but Escher's cube.

    • 5 år siden