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SSM Logos and Stationary

Here in this logo i showed what a consultant does ? For better view Zoom these images as max as possible (Because i submitted these images in 3000+ Pixels) (Please compare it with the first one i posted, May be you will like my this entry also, as you rated my last entry till highest among all participants.) Waiting for suggestions in comment box so i can make it as suitable as possible for your business.) This is my first submission on Hope you will like my entry. Further I showed the designs to all required stationary to show how it will look on further elements of business. (No extra cost) If raw files are required i can send them to you. Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely, Rajdeep Gautam India

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  • rajdeepgautam
    • 5 år siden

    Is there anything to improve in this design ?

    • 5 år siden