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Raven Technologies

Raven Wings Concept_2. NOTE: If you need some changes or would like to see the concept with different font/color, please feel free to ask.

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                                     for                                         Design a Logo for Raven Tech (IT Reseller)

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  • dylanvanhout
    • 5 år siden

    I like you design! the font is good! Maybe could you try different colours so i can see what else is possible?

    • 5 år siden
    1. divyaparantap
      • 5 år siden

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I'll provide you with variations shortly. Please remember, these designs are just prototypes and color, font and other minor changes can easily be done as long as the concept works for you. Also, as I'm new here on, I'm providing free business card and banner design service to my first 10 clients. So, don't miss the chance. ^_^

      • 5 år siden