Offentlig Præciserings Opslagstavle

  • Melody7177
    • 3 år siden


    • 3 år siden
  • chadfairey
    • 3 år siden

    Hello, I think we are getting close! I am nearly ready to award this the prize for the contest, many thanks for your work to make the requested tweaks and modifications. Just a few more small requests:

    (1) The chef's hat looks great, but I have noticed on a few screens it comes across as a little "washed-out" and is hard to see. Anything you can do in terms of contrast or borders to make it stand out a little more?

    (2) I am wondering how the logo would look if the WJC initials in the globe were tilted at an angle, to be parallel to the bottom of the chef's hat? It might not look great, but if it is easy to create a version with this I'd love to see it.

    Thanks again -- loving this logo!

    • 3 år siden