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Kagi Elementary School

Hello, sir. I have sended some versions of the logo. I used blue because you put that blue logo from the Benalla College. But because in PNG there is jungle, I guess dark green is the properly color. (I did not drew version on dark green, but I can change that easily if you will ask me that) I also made 2 versions on red and black - the colors from the flag. I did not use yellow - yet. If you will ask me to use yellow, I will do that. Also, I can change the fonts. 2 versions are with mountain and 2 versions are without mountain. Personally, I prefer the versions without mountains, but you are the client and your opinion is the best opinion. I think 3 colors are enough: red, black and white or blue, light blue and white. Please send me a feedback and I will modify what you want. A good day.

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