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Design v8

I sumbit 8 design for your logo and always make changes, after 7 redesign we don't have perfect logo what you need. I realy dont have inspiration what to do with your logo. I have concept and I hold the concept that I imagined. If you want I can try to do FINAL vesion but if you dont like this concept I can make X changes but It's don't be what you want

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                                     for                                         Design a Logo for Fitness Clothing Brand

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  • SupportRA
    • 6 år siden

    No worries - I completely appreciate your efforts and really loved your design of the RA but it was too similar to RT Pro Wear. Maybe next time..

    • 6 år siden
    1. bunt4
      • 6 år siden

      No problem man.
      If you need more Graphic design (bussines card,banners,brochure,LABEL or anytihing please notice me in inbox with contest) GL :)

      • 6 år siden