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Hi again! So far these are the revisions. Let me know if you have anymore concerns :) I also included the design for the initials. I hope you like it. Thank you so much! :)

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  • rustifiedrdx
    • 5 år siden

    nice work

    • 5 år siden
  • clopezdesigns
    • 6 år siden

    Ok, I think you nailed it! I also appreciate all the different variations with the different color combinations. That is very helpful in deciding what I really like. I like the deeper red rectangle and "blog" in blue. And the ones with no rectangle the colored text looks great as well.

    You did it! I will make your submission the winning entry. Then we can figure out what logo versions will you provide. Congrats! :)

    • 6 år siden
    1. lilmermaaaid
      • 6 år siden

      Thank you so much for choosing my design! Your feedbacks had been a great help! :) I really had fun doing for this contest, and I'm happy to know that y contributions had been very helpful :)

      • 6 år siden