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Hi, I have noticed one small problem with the font that I was using, the "K" could be mistaken with an "R" , so I have altered the way "k" looks, I hope you like it.

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  • PBWebshop
    • 5 år siden

    Hi, your logo is great and it has been my favorite from the beginning. Unfortunately, I have to go for another logo. I asked people around, and the symbol was perceived as two hands holding breasts. I appreciate all your time and effort, and I will consider hiring you for future projects! Best of luck.

    • 5 år siden
    1. georgeecstazy
      • 5 år siden

      Hi guys, what can I say, I was just talking with my girlfriend and you made us laugh a bit. :)) It's no problem, I am glad you liked my design, and would surely work with you again in the future, if you ever need icons and banners for your new website, I'm the man for it. Best of luck to you too and your new website.

      • 5 år siden