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Hello, my name is Andrés and my company is called Visibilizar Colombia, we specialize in industrial and architectural design. in the attached images you will see projects that we have done for different clients. In order to make the design, it is necessary to indicate certain aspects such as: - size of the lamp or instrument where the lamp would be installed. - so that it will be used. explain what type of medical procedure would be used and give us examples. - We can use materials such as fiber optics, polymers, etc. (for asepcia themes) - Are there lamps that do this work and you want to improve them because they are not useful enough or is a totally new design? - minimum time of use and intensity of illumination (these factors can be calculated by us but it is important to know what the product will be used for) - Do you require a completely finished product design and ready to implement or require ideas on how you can do it? (this varies the design costs) Contact me.

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