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Postcard [Tidy & Shiny]

Hi! Thank you for the opportunity. Here is my draft. Do provide me a feedback so I may improve on it. I look forward to a favourable reply. Regards, Anna

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  • joeedwards89
    • 5 år siden

    ana, the design looks great!
    just a few things if you dont mind changing:
    on the web address, please make the T and S capitals - eg
    also, for the flat rate pricing stmbol, please replace the $ with a £ sign.
    your design is my favourite so far, and with these small changes I think you have the winner!

    • 5 år siden
    1. haphaestos
      • 5 år siden

      Hi Joe! Am glad you like it! :)
      Sure thing. I'll make the necessary changes, & will get back to you.
      Hang on tight!

      • 5 år siden
    2. haphaestos
      • 5 år siden

      Alright Joe, it's up. :) #31

      • 5 år siden