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flyer proposal

Good day, this is my proposal for the contest, I hope you like it and please, if there´s any change that you´ll like to make, I´ll be glad to work on it. Best regard!

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                                     for                                         Design a Flyer for Our Workshop: Words = Money

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  • leviran
    • 5 år siden

    Good day!, please call me Victor (I have to change that Leviran thing), and I´ll be glad to work on it, I think its pretty confortable to do some had illustrations, so you can count me in if its done!

    • 5 år siden
  • SpeechParty
    • 5 år siden

    Many thanks for all your hard work leviran! There are many wow elements that I like. Of course, there are some things I'd like to add or tweak, but more on that if we work together. Just want to say I appreciate your entry!

    • 5 år siden