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Fluid Adventure Flyer

I chose this image because it feels as though you are sitting in the kayak heading out to freedom. It gives a sense of anticipation. I also think that the first side need a heading which I have included. Using paddles to list the courses gives a graphic element to lists which I prefer. You don't want the flyer to be too business like and at the same time you want whoever picks it up to get a sense of everything within seconds rather than trying to make head or tail of where to begin reading first. I enjoyed doing it so even if I am not accepted it was a fun project thanks.

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  • bevparr
    • 4 år siden

    Many thanks for your feedback. If you haven't already chose a design I can look for other images. If you have then hope it all goes well and I look forward to other projects. Bev

    • 4 år siden
  • philsmith300
    • 4 år siden

    Thank you for your entry. While I really do love the use of the image, it lends itself towards just promoting Sea Kayaking, which unfortunately is not the aim of this flyer. But, thank you very much for your entry!

    • 4 år siden