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Leap of faith - Flyer

I designed this flyer on Photoshop, I have the PSD files too, which I can send it if you need it (after accepting my design of course). The green color is dominating, as it is a color of life and growth. And also there is some blue color indicating peace and confidence and the white is a color of hope and simplicity. The photo of the man raising his hands, indicates that he achieved his goal, and this is hope-giving and confidence. Also the leaf means peace. You can insert in it a photo and the text that you want, using the PSD file, or I can delete the text there and the silhouette so you can put it like you want. The words "make it happen!" have to meanings: 1. for the person itself, it says make this, what you want to do, happen, and don't be afraid. 2. for the donator, to stimulate them, as if you donate you make this happen. Whatever you need for this flyer, I'm here and can provide help, just contact me on and I will response to you.

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