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Direction Poster Map

File : Ai, EPS, PDF, and jpg hi res. 300dpi. please rate and feedback. feel free to tell me if you need change the desain. hope you like it. thank you

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                                     for                                         Design a Direction Poster Map for Business

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  • BuildersMerchant
    • 4 måneder siden

    Hi Alfando,

    This is almost perfect for what we need.

    Just a few small small changes:

    Remove the web URL from the logo, and make the text part of the logo larger to match the size of the icon part of the logo.

    Remove the text "sign location" and "shop location" and put the words "Take the 2nd Right Turn" below the map

    Reduce the amount of border radius / remove rounded corners altogether.

    Make the direction arrows a bit thicker / bolder.


    Other than them changes, I think this is close to what we are looking for.


    • 4 måneder siden
    1. saseart
      • 4 måneder siden

      Please Check #6 thanks

      • 4 måneder siden
  • saseart
    • 4 måneder siden

    thanks for the rate. I will change it. please wait

    • 4 måneder siden