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XIN Mortgage Brochure for company launch

Hey! I kinda wanted something catchy at the same time but you guys look professional and approachable! I can change the design as you need. I can provide you the psd file. In my text below perfect home is the details of the event and what you do.

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  • hjiang1117
    • 6 år siden

    Best so far, thanks. Pls take away 'perfect mortage for your perfect home' words on the bottom. Also take the description "with loan amount" under macbook and watch out. Change top words "Do a mortgage xxx" to "Do home loan with Xin Mortgage and get your free", make "free" the big one. Change the style from dot line black, make it more fancy.

    • 6 år siden
    1. prisampath
      • 6 år siden

      Thanks for getting back :) One quick question the font you wanna change is the dotted one on both the WIN and the products right? Thanks. I will make the revisions and get back soon.

      • 6 år siden