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IndexMedia Design Proposal

Hello. I assumed you would like to have a presentation-type brochure, and this is what I proposed. The design will be converted into PDF so you can email them to your prospective clients. I created this in such a short time, so I submitted it incomplete. But if in case you will be interested with my concept, I am willing to work on it for more refinement and/or improvements. Thank you.

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  • pbcates25
    • 6 år siden

    I would like to work on it and provide you a better background, but unfortunately there's not enough time time. Is it possible that you extend the contest?

    • 6 år siden
  • nickclowes
    • 6 år siden

    i like the text, especially in 'history of highway tourism' and 'the opportunity', but i dont like the colours and the design of the back ground

    • 6 år siden