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Chosen stones brochure

Hello, this is my version, I hope I got the information right, I might have missed something (if so, let me know). Here is the raw template, I also put some thin lines for you to figure out how it would be folded and some other slightly modiffied covers. If you like it, I'll wait for your response (even if you want me to modify something), have a nice day!

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  • wpwaldner
    • 1 år siden

    I like the whitespace you have here. Only concern is that I may not allow adding enough of the other product images. Perhaps only the first page could have a lot of whitespace, and then other pages are full of collction/images.

    • 1 år siden
    1. teodoratp
      • 1 år siden

      Thank you and yes I have thought about that, that is why I said I might have missed something, because I did not know the exact products I should put there, also 2 of the subcategories you listed I did not found, so I showed you a possible design.

      Of course I can adapt it to more products, but you'll have to tell me the exact items you want me to introduce. Then I could make a version of what you said, with the first page white spaced and a version similar to this.

      • 1 år siden