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9, 10, 11

Dear Mr. Amit, I created several options of how you can maintain the wall between the current kitchen and living room. In my opinion, option 11 maybe the best one since it keeps both the wall and the existing door, but if you want the pipes to stay in the wall between the kitchen and ensuite/utility, then you probably would like to choose option 9. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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  • corvicenti
    • 6 måneder siden

    Hi sir, thank you for the feedback, yes I can do interior design, electrics and lights, would you provide the reference images of your taste sir? That would help a lot to give some insight on what kind of style you like. Thank you.

    • 6 måneder siden
  • amitmkumar
    • 7 måneder siden

    Hi Margareta, thanks for the additional options. Option 9 gives us the nicest ensuite. however option 10 and 11 will probably have the least structural changes. The difference between them is small.

    We are looking to develop option 9 a little further, are you able to do internal renders and interior design to understand how each room would look, where the electrics, lights and services etc would like like for this design option?

    • 7 måneder siden