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main menu

Main menu I use fullbody zombie and elements from previous contest ( for the icon ) and same colors as icon

Konkurrenceindlæg #6 for Design & Illustration - 2D Zombie Game Main Screen

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  • oliverj777
    • 3 år siden

    i like this for the main menu. Probably add some UI buttons in?

    • 3 år siden
    1. Bebolum
      • 3 år siden

      New updates #9
      Buttons are created in Photoshop
      used font is WhoopAss
      Few effects are added in photoshop.
      Let me know if need any changes.
      Also what size need to be the background image ?

      • 3 år siden
    2. oliverj777
      • 3 år siden

      Sorry, I didn't see this message - Size should be around 1920 x 1200

      • 3 år siden