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Business Cards For Car Parts Company

This is a Business Cards For Car Parts Company PLEASE RATE THIS ITEM Features: • Easy to Edit. • Optimized for Printing / 300 DPI. • CMYK Color Mode. • 3.5x2 Inch Dimension. • 0.25 B leed. • He lp Guide Included. • Adobe Photoshop CC Version. Fonts Download Link: HOW TO UNGROUP LAYER? ======================== Just press shift+ctrl+G and ungroup all the layers. HOW TO EDIT TEXT? ========================= Firstly you have to download the fonts and install them on your system. Then click on the text and replace your own text. HOW TO PUT LOGO, IMAGE AND QR CODE? ==================================== Just double clcik on the Smart Objct Layer and put your own LOGO, IMAGE and QR CODE, then save. Now you are done . For any help please contact

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