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Logo Design

This is my logo design for your contest sir. Hope you like it. All type of changes are possible you just need to give feedback. So please give me your valuable feedback. If you chose me as a winner I will provide you : 1. Ai file 2. jpeg file 3. png file 4. psd file 5. pdf file 6. eps file 7. svg file Thank you.

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  • KATShelving
    • 5 måneder siden

    would like to see this logo with a bevel to make look more 3D please

    • 5 måneder siden
    1. nasimoniakter
      • 5 måneder siden

      Hi, Thanks for your feedback.. I will provide you more 3D look.. But contest time is already over now.. Please award me.. I will provide you modified design..

      • 5 måneder siden