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Space Avengers icon

Hello, sir, there is my work, here i tried to match all of yours demands. There is a person in 3d, it is uniq (i provided ividences as my screenshots from my 3d software with parts of character), also, as i hope - it is pretty simple and colorful. Ofc i can make same changes you want. text me if you are interested in my work. TY.

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                                     for                                         Create icon for Space Avengers (Roblox game - 512x512 image - 3D rendered)

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  • AlexandrShmidt
    • 2 måneder siden

    ok, will make another entry with changes soon

    • 2 måneder siden
  • ThePhonon
    • 2 måneder siden

    Thank you Alexandr! Can you update the Space Avengers text to be straight, rather than at an angle? Perhaps make it more colorful? It needs to be legible when it's 150x150 pixels

    • 2 måneder siden