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PLS Process flow Ver02

Hi, As per PLS process document you shared, I have created a professional and neat looking slide. Also I have made certain changes in the inputs you provided based on my experience. Attaching extra 2 screenshots of the changes. Hope you like it.

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  • harpreet8154
    • 6 måneder siden

    Thanks for the inputs. I have started working on it. will upload once finished.

    • 6 måneder siden
  • Eferrier
    • 6 måneder siden

    I like where you are headed, can we have the three pre-steps look more sequential? Like a path leading to the wheel?

    If you look at my example you can see that each process in the wheel has some explanation tied to it in a comment box. I think that is a more effective way to tie the comments to a specific action. Good luck!

    • 6 måneder siden