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Video 3

Short video (30s) of a Getty Stock Footage (must be purchased for commercial use, is royalty free) consisting of a small boy messily eating spaghetti, over the background of a childish American accent as was implied by the script. I do not claim ownership of the footage in this video, nor the others (including Video 2). It is to be used at your discretion and I disclaim all responsibility from the videos if you choose to accept them. I have merely voiced over your selected dialogues, added photos and title slides. The matter of copyright is questionable in all videos, although I have gone into ensuring royalty freedom. As this is a private transfer of information, I advise you, if the videos are to be used commercially, to CHECK GETTY STOCK IMAGES AND FOOTAGE and purchase. If you choose to accept these, I will also disconnect ANY link between myself and these videos. They are to be used at solely your discretion, and these become YOUR property. I am not to be involved in them ever.

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  • filriyadh
    • 6 år siden

    Haha! We were going so serious with it, but this is actually funny, if you could start off with zooming on the bowl, and then zoom out to the kid eating, audio again is very low. Good work on this one, please change the websites on all to

    • 6 år siden