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Workout Challenge

+best hook ( tik tok logo in the beginning and funny clip all related to obesity) +emotional story (related to the funny clip and real story of someone dying from obesity in abc news to make it more official and more believable and touching) +professional typography about the danger of eating large amount of food and not exercising ( perfectly designed ) +professional inforgraphic about obesity in usa ( perfectly designed ) +professional call to action ( perfectly designed ) +perfect story telling to make people want to register for the challenge and all of that in 2 minutes and 20 seconds personally i think that it's perfect like that (if you need to make it shorter for any reason that can be done easily)

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  • bluekitdon
    • 11 måneder siden

    Looks pretty good. rejected the other with just the link since this is a duplicate.

    • 11 måneder siden
    1. AymenVirtuoso
      • 11 måneder siden

      I’m glad that you like it

      • 11 måneder siden