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I am creating a card game and would like graphic design art for my card layouts. I have another artist working on the symbols and the character illustration, I just need something nice looking that I can put them onto.

As you will see in the example cards, I have created a temporary layout for the card game while testing. The file card layout needs; explains what the card design will need to have room for on the card.
The cards all require a space for a character name, character class, and card type indicator, which will all be text put on the card (no need to fill the layout with text, I do that in a different phase, I just need the space for it on the design).
The cards also all require space for a card cost. Each card will have a different numerical cost (which I will also put in later).
Next, the design requires space for a character illustration. This is art from my artist and will preferably take up a good portion of the card as shown in the examples.
The final part that needs space in the card design will the effect area. The effect area is the space that will describe with symbols or text what the use of the cards is.

If possible I would love to have the files be in CMYK for printing quality!

The Layout Designs I like file showcases other card game layouts I find appealing. My favorite aspect of the cards being the card borders on the top left most image of that file. I am a poor artist but in my example cards, I was trying to replicate the 3-dimensional border look.

The poker card template file shows the template for what the size of the file should be.

Additionally, the game has 4 different classes to where the only difference will be the color (Unless you thought it would be a good idea to make 4 slightly different card designs relating to the class type). Though I do want the card layout to revolve around being differentiated mainly by color: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green.

The Blue Babies are the Warrior Babies
The Yellow Babies are the Special Babies
The Red Babies are the Villain Babies
The Green Babies are the Ugly Babies

The card game if it helps is a deck-building strategy game with a comical feel. The game is called "Battle Babies" and revolves around you recruiting weird, silly, and cute looking babies to your army to defeat your opponents.

I would love to work further with the person who wins this contest if they would like, and would be willing to pay more money for them to design a couple more card layouts in the game.

Thank you for looking at my contest!

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“Stellar communication, and incredible design. It was a pleasure to work alongside them and would definitely work with again.”

Profilbillede StuffedHorsegame, United States.

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  • homerkun
    • 2 måneder siden

    I Always wanted to design a card game ! I will work on it and will give my best !

    • 2 måneder siden
  • ErtizaHasanRamim
    • 2 måneder siden

    Hlw... Plzzzz check my ENTRY #8

    • 2 måneder siden
  • Kateydo
    • 2 måneder siden

    I love deck builders! I am so excited to start on this project. :)

    • 2 måneder siden
    1. StuffedHorsegame
      • 2 måneder siden

      Thanks, Can't wait!

      • 2 måneder siden
  • StuffedHorsegame
    • 2 måneder siden

    HI EVERYONE! Just another clarification for everyone. Just making sure everyone knows that the section representing the card cost does not need to be a baby bottle. It can be, but also if you think there could be some other graphic design choice then that is good too. It basically just needs to be enough space to have a number.

    • 2 måneder siden
  • StuffedHorsegame
    • 2 måneder siden

    As I am looking from entires I can see more what I think is good the game and what isn't, so this is very helpful. So bear with me as I have updated the contest again with just to more examples and a jpg of card details I like. As you can see the contest is not $50 as well and guaranteed. Thank you all for the submissions so far. As I will update in the description, would it be possible to have the final files in CMYK? It is just best for printers and color quality. Thanks!

    • 2 måneder siden
  • FabledThings
    • 2 måneder siden

    Working on something for you now - avid board gamer here! :D

    • 2 måneder siden
  • StuffedHorsegame
    • 2 måneder siden

    Hi everyone! Thank you all for your submissions so far! I will get back to you all once I get back from work. I just thought I should mention more just in case. There will be 4 classes in the game as I stated in the description. If anyone thinks it is best to differentiate the classes this some design differences rather than just color, then feel free to message me about it. I mainly just want the classes to be separated by color but if you ha e a stellar idea on having slightly different designs for each class we can talk and I we can talk about how to make it worth your while.

    For more of a note if anyone needs, the games 4 classes are:
    Warrior Babies - blue
    Special Babies - yellow
    Ugly babies - green
    Villain Babies - red

    Message me if you have questions! I am fairly new to the game design and development industry!



    • 2 måneder siden
  • yfarazanFar
    • 2 måneder siden

    Working on a professional sample ! Can't wait to show you!

    • 2 måneder siden
  • annemarieibaos
    • 2 måneder siden

    i'm gonna make also

    • 2 måneder siden
  • fedoratheexplode
    • 2 måneder siden

    on it!

    • 2 måneder siden

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