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Here is a one more simple design with scripted font, Design is depicting the actual meaning of "Insby". A shape of a bulb i.e. symbol of technology and a plant is growing inside it which shows the actual value. Overall logo design shows the complete meaning of "Inspired by Value"

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                                         for                                             Company logo - the one that inspires you!

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  • dgoran01
    • 8 år siden

    Hi uniquedesign18,

    you have won with #35 ! I like it!
    will you send me editable file once when I award you with prize?

    I need couple of version with different local translations of "inspired by value" ... I would appreciate if you can put it in there as well.


    • 8 år siden
    1. uniquedesign18
      • 8 år siden

      Hi! I hope you will be fine. Yes sure, i will provide you editable vectorized files of the design in all formats. Thanks. Best Regards: uniquedesign18

      • 8 år siden