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Hi. I am Yuvi, I am from South Africa. For your website, I would use Joomla CMS (Ver 3.1) using Virtuemart shopping cart. I have previously done a website similar requirements for a Fishing and tackle website. The orders were placed using the shopping cart facility and payment made through a secure gateway and/or Paypal integration. It would then store it on the backend, produce an invoice and email and also notify the store (ie person in charge) - You would also be able to give details regarding shipping etc. These products would be broken down into categories using clean and crisp icons (thumbnails) and would have a relatively easy to use search function to help the user find what he or she is looking for, The backend is simple to upload and add products. I registration process would be quiet simple as well. You have quiet a large number of products, assuming they are already categorised and ready with descriptions and pricing, I am confident I will be able to deliver in 7-10 days!

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  • awaqas1
    • 8 år siden

    why would you perfer to use joomla over wordpress ?

    • 8 år siden
    1. yuvilenn
      • 8 år siden

      I have more experience using joomla. I can make promises with joomla whereas wordpress i can not.

      • 8 år siden