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Hi, Thanks for the opportunity, really appreciated that. Well, I thoroughly went through your website & understand where you are looking. I do understand the needs & requirement of yours & if given the opportunity, will give my extra best to achieve your goals. First, let me tell you in short about me. I'm doing WordPress development for 10 years now. I have worked with all the top frameworks & top themes of WordPress. I can convert any layout/design you like into the WordPress website. Now back to your website, I really feel that this theme perfect for your website. This theme is very good as well & I'm very comfortable working with this theme. The second thing I observed is that you are lacking good contents on your website. If you like my design please send me some feedback for this and if you need to add remove or customize any part of the work I will be available for that. Please feel free to ask anything regarding the project. I will be waiting for you. Kind Regard

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