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Why can't I get awarded for my bid proposal?

stillet af Anshul Bansal 8 november, 2016

I have made many bid proposals but none of them have awarded me. Maybe there's any mistake in my proposal or something else. What should I do in order to get my first project? I am in the field of Web design and Graphic design and I want to do some projects. Please tell me what should I do?

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Paula Edith
Paula Edith
svarede 5 år siden
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Hi Anshul! It takes a lot of bidding to get a project, the employer recibes more than a dozen bids so statistics are against us xD.
If you don't have reviews nor recommendations, try making very personal bids, not copypaste. My first project was awarded because I mentioned I play D&D (like the employer).

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Randalldesigns - 3D CAD

Hi Anshul, one thing i'm sure works and helps clients get a feel for who there speaking to is by using a profile picture of yourself, I found this made the difference on other freelancing type websites. I'm having no luck on here at the moment, most of the employers lack information required or do not have a clear indication of what is required and simply blind bidding. Good luck and sure there's some quality projects on here. Adam

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