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Which is the best 3D cad software for Mechanical engineer?

stillet af 3DIEST 12 april, 2016

Hello, I am a Mechanical engineer, for about three years I am using Autocad software for Design and drafting , but now I want to switch to some 3D software, where I can also do some rendering. Will you please suggest me ?
I was thinking about Fusion 360.

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svarede 3 år siden
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If you have this long experience with Autocad , I suggest instead of migrating to a new sofware package you could export the files as .obj or .fbx , import in any renderer and render it . :)

If you don't want to spend a sum of money and get decent results in the same time , try Blender 3D.

You could have realistic with it , however if you want more mainstream renderers , go for V-Ray .

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