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Some Employer Queries

stillet af js20by16 5 februar, 2017

I am newly joined here as employer and these are some specific queries. Let's say an employer having user name Xyz and real name under profile details Abc Ltd awards project to freelancer F1.

1) Payment methods
- What is the other mode of payment to F1 except milestone payment?
- What is the difference between these methods?

2) Invoice details:
- Which name of employer will be mentioned in invoice (Xyz or Abc ltd)?
- Will the invoice have employer address if mentioned in profile details?
- Can freelancer F1 see name of Abc ltd or its address in invoice?
- Whether the invoice will be from freelancer F1 or directly from
- When invoice will be available in case of milestone payment or other method?

3) Privacy
- Do employers mention their real business name or hide it?

Looking forward your reply. Thank you.

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